Cheney Shooting Just of Interest to Beltway Insiders? I Think Not

Having grown up mostly in the Washington, D.C. area and having spent most of my adult life there (to date), I’ll be the first to admit that an inside-the-beltway mentality exists. This is the city, after all, where locate politics are national politics are international politics.

But I disagree with former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer when he claims that the continued coverage of the Vice President Cheney shooting is an issue between the White House and the press corps:

“This is now a real inside-the-beltway controversy… The American people watched it and heard about it Sunday night and Monday morning; it was widely covered. They heard the news and saw the story. It is not dominating the lives of the American people.”

Maybe it’s not dominating everyone’s lives. But plenty of people outside the nation’s capital are talking about “The Incident”. And thanks to the mishandling of this entire situation, aptly pointed out by Tech PR Gems, that’s unlikely to stop any time soon.

(Thanks to the Holmes Report Blog for alerting me to this article.)


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